Best Low Fee Medical Colleges in Bangladesh

Ten 10 Low Tuition Fee Medical Colleges in Bangladesh

Best ten 10 Low Tuition Fee Medical Colleges in Bangladesh

Low Cost MBBS admission in India not possible. Students looking next best option with the same Indian quality, medical education. Here MBBS in Bangladesh plays a vital role with a higher passing record in FMGE or MCI screening tests.

Indian Students from the study have shown great strength in the world of Medicine. Most international Medical firms, hospitals, pharmacies, and so on have a number of Indian doctors in the majority workforce.

In India, due to limited medical college seats and unaffordable private college fees extra burden to all Indian medical aspirants. Medical students try to look at the best alternatives to Study MBBS abroad. Now same MCI pattern medical curriculum finds in Bangladesh medical schools.

Many had dreams of becoming one of such but they couldn’t due to financial constraints. The good news is here. Out of research, Smile Education came up with Top MBBS’ lowest Tuition fee Private Medical Colleges of Bangladesh. Check it out

In Bangladesh, a medical school is more often referred to as a medical college. A medical college is affiliated with a government university as a department that usually has a separate campus. Currently, there are a total of 90 recognized medical colleges in Bangladesh, 36 of which are public and 54 private. Apart from these, there are six medical colleges that are run by the Bangladesh Armed Forces and are under the Ministry of Defense.

Here you will find a list of Low Cost MBBS Study options

Cheapest fees Medical Colleges in Bangladesh for Indian Candidates :

Ten 10 Low Tuition Fee Medical Colleges in Bangladesh for Session 2020-21

Sl No. College Name Five Years College Fees (USD) Hostel (USD) per month
1. Southern Medical College 36000 Included
2. Barind Medical College 37000 With Hostel
3. Sylhet Women’s Medical College 38000 Included
4 Monno Medical College And Hospital 37500+1000+3000= 41500 All-Inclusive
5 Community Based Medical College 44000 With Hostel
6 Eastern Medical College 41500 Included
7 Khwaja Yunus Ali Medical College 43000 Hostel Included
8 Kumudini Women’s Medical College 43100 With Hostel
9 Medical College for Women’s, Dhaka 43000 130
10 Dhaka National Medical College 48000 100

You are an undergraduate Indian, pursuing courses in the Medical field, Monno Medical College is the best place for you to take MBBS Admission abroad.

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