MBBS value from Bangladesh

Why Medical degrees from Bangladesh valued so much

Why are medical degrees from Bangladesh valued so much?

We are getting Lot of queries regarding the Quality of MBBS education in Bangladesh?

Why is it not popular like China, Philippines, Russia, Hong Kong, Ukraine?

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Bangladesh is a developing country with current GDP above 7%, We Indian students/parents really don’t take any news about Bangladesh growth or Medical Education Quality, other countries like China, the Philippines, Russia, Ukraine already developed counties, and our greedy admission agents make hype to fill his pocket!

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MBBS Bangladesh is best choice for Indian Aspirants

Frequently Ask Questions about MBBS in Bangladesh

Why you should avoid MBBS in Philippines

Value of MBBS degree from Bangladesh same as MCI Studied in India. Students extra need to clear FMGE Screening test which can be cleared in single attempted those Doctors did MBBS from Bangladesh. MCI FMGE Online Screening test is mandatory if you want to practice in India.

  1. Language: The medium of Instruction – English is easy to understand for its South Asian dialect in comparison to the Chinese-English. In general, Chinese people do not understand nor do they speak English, a major barrier to communication with non-Chinese.Food: Tastes and preparation of food are also similar in this South Asian region to how they cook in China.
  2. Cost: Any Chinese medical college would be costlier than their Bangladeshi counterpart in terms of fees and lodging etc., given the fact that the standard of living increased dramatically in major Chinese cities after their great leader Deng Xiao Ping’s reform policies implemented in the 1990s and getting pace every year.
  3. Recognition of MBBS degree: The accreditation that Bangladeshi medical colleges received in most of the Western countries is better than the Chinese since the British ruled here for more than 200 years. The same is true for The Philippines where the American rules made that country very well-groomed in the English language than their South East Asian counterparts. Recognized by all medical councils including – MCI, WHO, NMC, and BMDC.
  4. Location: Also, the northern part of Bangladesh is nearer to Nepal, which is why many students from eastern Nepal go to study in the colleges in that area. This way, they need not stay far away from home to aspire good education and can visit their families on holidays on a frequent basis. Another reason why Nepali students choose Bangladesh for higher studies is the foreign exposure.
  5. Admission Process: Students get admission to MBBS in Bangladesh under a special scheme of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) countries.
  6. Fourteen students from India are sponsored for the course every year. The admission is done on the basis of marks obtained in Class XII. There are paid seats as well. There is no requirement for an entrance test for admission. The scholarship is available under SAARC Quota. Medical entrance examination not required for Indian or Foreign National.
  7. Local Guardianship throughout the study period.
  8. Facilitates and assist in other services to students in their need during their academic stay.
  9. Free Bangla language class for easy adjustment in Bangladesh on Request.
  10. Globally recognized and standard curriculum and affordable cost and flexible payment system (installment payment option)