No More MBBS in China Russia or Philippines

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Medical Study in Bangladesh is better than China, Russia or Philippines:

Medical students of India have now second best option to do MBBS from Bangladesh. The MBBS of Bangladesh is far better than the MBBS of China, Russia and Philippines. The medical study of Bangladesh is similar to the medical study of India with the same books used by students, same study pattern like India, same syllabus, and same duration of study, similar medicines, similar diseases, similar study plan and same examination pattern. Bangladesh’s culture and food patterns are same as India. In addition to thus same languages are spoken in India and in Bangladesh i.e. English, Hindi and Bengali.  The act of MCI 1956 approves medical colleges in Bangladesh. It is the best safest place for students study outside their country as it is a dry place and no alcohol or drug consumption is allowed in Bangladesh and it is considered illegal in Bangladesh. The advantages to study in Bangladesh are:

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No More MBBS in China Russia or Philippines 

Language: language is the medium of instruction; it helps to communicate in an effective and comfortable manner. As compared to the Chinese-English, simple English is easy to understand for South Asians.

Food: Taste as well as food preparations are same like India, but in China and South Asian Region but the difference is that their taste is not compatible with South Asian food taste. The taste of Chinese cooked in South Asian is far different from that cooked in China.

Cost: Living cost in China, Russia and Philippines is more compare to India or Bangladesh ie SAARC countriesThe Chinese, Russian or Philippines medical college charges high prices as compared to Bangladesh medical colleges in terms of lodging, foods, living cost is high there, fees etc. because the standard of living is increasing in major Chinese cities after the implementation of policies by their leaders.

Recognition of Degree: MCI recognised medical study outside India,  the authorization that is received from Bangladesh medical colleges in western countries is far better than China and Russia. For the South East Asian Counterparts to study in Bangladesh is best option.

Chinese or Russian medical colleges have better instruments and infrastructural facilities with illustrative books but cannot transferable into English. In order to interact meaningfully in China the main issue is to learn their language that is comprised of approximately 7500 Chinese language characters. The quantity of characters becomes more specifically for engineering and science students in order to do very good studies in China. Moreover, the Bangladesh is more developed in medical studies as compared to China, Russia and Philippines. A lot of foreign students come to Bangladesh for study medical. It is better to do Medical from Bangladesh as compared to China or Russia because the degree earned from Bangladesh medical college is recognizable all over the World, respected and also have affordable prices.

So No More MBBS in China Russia or Philippines Medical Study in Bangladesh in Best Option for Indian Students